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Can CBD help with cutting down or quitting alcohol?

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Can CBD help you cut down or quit alcohol? I am often asked, if I struggled with sleeping when I gave up alcohol. It’s been almost three years since I stopped drinking, and during the initial months, I definitely kept CBD by my side. I used both CBD drops and CBD tea. I will also […]

Is CBD Legal for Athletes?


Is CBD Legal for Athletes? CBD and Athletic Regulations Yes, CBD is 100% legal to use as a professional or competing athlete. In 2018, both the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and the US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) removed CBD from the list of prohibited substances for both in and out-of-competition use. While CBD (Cannabidiol) is permitted, […]

Listening to the Body: The Importance of Recovery ​

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From Strain to Strength: The Underrated Importance of Recovery Listening to the Body: The Importance of Recovery “I have had a tendency to ignore my body’s signs of fatigue, for years I would just slug through incredible fatigue ”sticking to the plan”. Now-days I think the best way we have to think about recovery and […]

Massage Techniques For Runners and Your Support Crew

Massage Techniques, CBD Studios

Massage Techniques For Runners and Your Support Crew Working with expert massage therapist, Ruth Martin, I’m thrilled to share some straightforward massage techniques that you, along with your support crew, can employ while trail racing. These methods aim to alleviate muscle tension, boost circulation, and keep you feeling refreshed during the race or even on long […]

UTMB 2023, CBD Studios, EQUILIBRIUM Massage and HÄSTKO

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UTMB 2023: CBD Studios, EQUILIBRIUM Massage and HÄSTKO, a sports wellness collaboration for athletes:   Presenting a collection of sports massage techniques for yourself & the runners you are crewing. For the UTMB 2023, several events are being organised in collaboration with two other Chamonix brands: EQUILIBRIUM Massage by Ruth Martin and HÄSTKO The sports lingerie of the future. […]

Relieve muscles and joints

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Using Recovery Balm to relieve muscles and joints Sore muscles and aching joints can slow down daily life, and stand in the way of sports or physical activities. Recovery balm is formulated to help you to take care of aching muscles and sore joints so you can keep doing the activities and sports you love. […]

CBD for Active Living: Sleep, Relief, Recovery

Qu’est-ce que le CBD ? CBD Studios

CBD for Active Living “The CBD balm has been a game changer for me, both during training, recovery and during my challenges. I find it almost instantly relaxes my legs and help them to recover quicker.” Andrea Mason, Athlete CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a natural compound found in the hemp plant. It has become […]

CBD for arthritis

CBD for arthritis, CBD Studios

CBD for Arthritis What is Arthritis? Arthritis is the most common joint disease, affecting almost one in two people over the age of fifty. It is a progressive degeneration and destruction of the cartilage in the joints. It is characterised by inflammation in the joints, leading to pain, stiffness, and reduced mobility. There are numerous […]

CBD for skiing

Recovery CBD balm, CBD Studios

CBD for muscle pain après ski CBD for muscle pain CBD for muscle pain is where CBD Studios get to help you the most! At CBD Studios,  we’ve been just itching for the start of the Chamonix ski season. As we are runners and cyclists our legs are in pretty good shape. But skiing and […]

Meet Andrea Mason, sea to summit athlete

Andrea Mason, sea to summit extreme

Meet Andrea Mason, sea to summit athlete. She’s an athlete, an outdoor enthusiast and it just so happens she is swimming 3 Lakes, biking 800km and running 3 Peaks!!!! The route is from Lake Bala in Wales, to the top of Ben Nevis in Scotland. Endurance Challenge  This is her 4th major challenge on the theme Sea […]

“Il y a quelque temps j’ai commencé a tester l’huile et balm CBD Studios pour ma récupération après mes entraînements.
Ca m’aide à me relaxe après une journée de travail et entraînement dur et surtout d’avoir un bon sommeil, je suis content avec les résultat et je recommande 100%.” Emmanuel Ocampo, Ultra runner

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