Recovery Massage Oil


“I love it. The skin absorbs it very well!”

A simple sports massage oil with soothing and effective anti-inflammatory properties.

Developed and approved by athletes and essential for everyone.


Recovery CBD Massage Oil to target  joint discomfort and soothe muscles


A simplified CBD massage oil provides effective soothing anti-inflammatory results and at a lower price.

anti-inflammatory, CBD Studios

Recovery CBD massage oil eases the aches and pains when you lead aactive lifestyle.

It is a natural alternative, without side effects for pain relief and muscle and joint recovery .

The base is Sweet Almond Oil and can be used all over the body without greasiness.

Made by CBD Studios in France with 100% natural ingredients.

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Marked 4/5 by clients

★★★★★ It works really well. It is important to give the joints and muscles some extra care. I do a lot of self massage etc. and my oil is empty because of it. Ruud Kappert, Athlete
★★★★★ Everytime after a race or a big run, i just cover myself in it before bed. Its just so good! Jana, Wild Trail Running Club
★★★★★ I love the smell, and when you are running you can carry it in your pack. Elodie
Anti-inflammatory CBD oil, CBD Studios

100% natural 

CBD Recovery Oil is pure, healthy and gentle on your body.

It is mixed with coconut and almond oil and a drop of camphre and lavender essential oils

The almond oil softens and moisturises the skin.

We carefully formulate our CBD Massage oil, using CBD isolated from the hemp plant.

  • This is CBD in its purest form.
  • There is 0 trace of THC so suitable for athletes subject to drug testing.

A game changer……..

➡︎ Painful muscles and joints during sports activities

➡︎ Aching muscles and DOMS after exercise

➡︎ Daily aches and pains from on- going injuries

➡︎ Uncomfortable to sleep

✔︎ Stay active on a daily basis & continue with sports you love

✔︎ Sleep comfortably = feel better

✔︎ Continue with exercise if aches and pains are starting to takeover

✔︎ Recover faster after exercise

Anti-inflammatory CBD oil, CBD Studios

Directions  for use

Recovery Massage Oil can be used throughout the day or when needed before or after physical activity. It feels soft and luxuriously smooth when rubbed or massaged into your skin.

CBD Studios Recovery Massage Oil can be applied all over the body, to relieve sore muscles and aching joints.

Simply apply it to the target area and massage well to activate the healing properties.

  • Cannabidiol isolate extract
  • Coconut oil 
  • Almond Oil 
  • 2 drops of camphor and lavender essential oils 

Allergy Warning: This product contains Almond Oil derived from nuts. 

Ethically sourced natural oils and ingredients….to learn more >

Cannabidiol, which is not a psychoactive, was removed from the list of doping products in 2018.

The World Anti-Doping Agency officially removed it from the list of products banned in competition in January 2018.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does CBD oil take to work

It very much varies from one person to the next. It also depends on what you are taking it for. It is best to use CBD oil daily for around 4 weeks, after that you will be able to evaluate its effects.

Can I use CBD Oil alongside other CBD products?

Yes, our CBD Oil can be used in conjunction with other CBD products for increased efficacy but the FSA recommends no more than 70mg CBD per day.

How do you ship my order?

Order before 12, and your order will be prepared and shipped on the same day, from our offices in France. We work with La Poste/ Collisimo. They take between 2 and 4 days to deliver to you in mainland France.

Can CBD make you paranoid or high?

No, THC is the compound that can cause this feeling. There is none or under 0.2% THC in Hemp strains that are used to make CBD oil.

Will CBD react with other medication?

All CBD Studios products are sold as food supplements. We are unable to offer medical advice but suggest that you speak to a medical professional for further advice.

Can I put CBD oil in my coffee or hot drink?

We always say yes, but you have to let the drink cool down a bit before adding it.