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CBD for arthritis

Le CBD pour soulager l’arthrite, CBD Studios

CBD for arthritis 

CBD is used to ease and help many health conditions, including insomnia, anxiety and depression, nausea and chronic pain.

While studies and medical trials are still in their infancy, the anecdotal health claims of the  benefits are promising.

The pain caused by arthritis is reported as debilitating and exhausting. Traditional medication for arthritis includes a mix of different options, yet long-term use is not really healthy or recommended due to its adverse side effects.

Alternatives like lifestyle changes and the use physio techniques are becoming favoured and recognised to help ease the pain the condition causes.

Natural medicines including CBD are popular as another option.


CBD has become as a natural supplement.

 It is most widely used as an oral tincture (CBD drops) where it is absorbed into the bloodstream and is received by CBD receptors of the Endocannabinoid system.

The Endocannabinoid system regulates many of the different systems we have to control our natural functions, like Sleep, Anxiety, Pain, and Skin health.

There is research to suggest that by using CBD as a supplement it will support and balance these functions to maintain overall wellness, this is homeostasis.

CBD seems to block specific receptors that influence inflammation and pain within the body.

This affects the way receptors respond to signals that they receive, reducing both inflammation and pain



A trial for the CBD medication Sativex was conducted with rheumatoid arthritis patients. The medication was a topical spray and the effectiveness was tested over a 5 week trial.

The results found that inflammation and pain was reduced and also noted that quality of sleep improved.

Research is still to come but the early results and anecdotal evidence is promising.


Chronic pain

Painkillers are widely used to manage the chronic pain caused by arthritis suffers. This is so people can bear the tasks of daily life or continue exercise and sleep comfortably. However, the side effects of ibuprofen or similar medications are damaging to long-term health.  

CBD oil and balm are both popular choices for many patients.

CBD Oil is used as drops under the tongue and then absorbed into the blood stream where it regulates inflammatory pain.

CBD balm is used topically on the skin when it can target the area that needs relieving.


CBD Studios customers have found it helps make daily activities more bearable and provides relief at night when it can be hard to sleep or get comfortable with arthritis pain.

Our study also noted that it reduced pain perception and at the same time also improved mood.


CBD for arthritis, CBD Studios, Recovery CBD balm
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