CBD pain relief kit


Save 11€ when you buy the CBD Pain relief kit.

CBD Pain Relief Kit, includes Recovery Balm and 10% CBD oil for natural, targeted relief.

Reduce inflammation, ease muscle soreness and stiffness, and provide a natural alternative to traditional treatment.


Combined in the CBD Pain relief kit is a Recovery balm and 10% CBD oil. 

Recovery balm is soothing and anti inflammatory providing relief for sore muscles, pains, aches, and strains associated with arthritis and injuries.

 10% CBD oil is a punchy formula which provides wellness from the inside out. When taken as drops, CBD oil is absorbed into the bloodstream and can help regulate physiological processes including inflammation.  

CBD oil 5%, CBD Studios, CBD Chamonix
CBD pain relief kit, CBD Studios

Recovery Balm is designed as an alternative for pain relief to help you stay active and more comfortable.


↻ Made from 100% natural ingredients.

↻ Reduces inflammation and alleviates discomfort.

↻ When applied to targeted areas, recovery balm supports muscle and joint recovery and provides pain relief.

↻ Pure CBD without THC is safe for athletes.

The CBD Pain Relief Kit with Recovery Balm is made with 100% natural ingredients.

100% natural

Pure, healthy and gentle for your body.

Hydrating and protective

Soft and smooth

Combined in the CBD Pain relief kit with Recovery balm is 10% CBD oil.

CBD pain relief kit, CBD Studios

CBD oil 10% to help you feel better and stay active.


When taken as drops, CBD oil is absorbed into the bloodstream and can provide relief from discomfort and help you relax. CBD oil creates this balance by interacting and regulating homeostasis within the body.

Used with the Recovery Balm, the CBD Pain Relief Kit can significantly reduce daily aches and speed up recovery time. Helping you feel better and stay active.

★★★★★ Marked 4/5 by our customers

★★★★★ "I'm not one to believe in quick fixes, but since using CBD oil from CBD Studios I've been feeling much more energized and in a better mood. Highly recommend!" - Sarah K.
★★★★★ “I use the Balm every morning and before bed to relieve chronic discomfort. I think the CBD oil does bring on a deeper good night’s sleep.” - R H
★★★★★ "I'm so glad that I tried this oil - it works great and the taste is amazing! I received my order very quickly, so I'm very satisfied with my purchase. Highly recommend this product!" - Kim, CA

Medical research studies for CBD:

Cannabidiol as a treatment for arthritis and joint pain: an exploratory cross-sectional study.
The present study found associations between CBD use and improvements in patient’s arthritis symptoms and reductions in other medications. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does CBD oil take to work

It very much varies from one person to the next. It also depends on what you are taking it for. It is best to use CBD oil daily for around 4 weeks, after that you will be able to evaluate its effects.

Can I use CBD Oil alongside other CBD products?

Yes, our CBD Oil can be used in conjunction with other CBD products for increased efficacy but the FSA recommends no more than 70mg CBD per day.

How do you ship my order?

Order before 12, and your order will be prepared and shipped on the same day, from our offices in France. We work with La Poste/ Collisimo. They take between 2 and 4 days to deliver to you in mainland France.

Can CBD make you paranoid or high?

No, THC is the compound that can cause this feeling. There is none or under 0.2% THC in Hemp strains that are used to make CBD oil.

Will CBD react with other medication?

All CBD Studios products are sold as food supplements. We are unable to offer medical advice but suggest that you speak to a medical professional for further advice.

Can I put CBD oil in my coffee or hot drink?

We always say yes, but you have to let the drink cool down a bit before adding it.