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CBD for skiing

Recovery CBD balm, CBD Studios

CBD for muscle pain is where CBD Studios get to help you the most!

At CBD Studios,  we’ve been just itching for the start of the Chamonix ski season. As we are runners and cyclists our legs are in pretty good shape. But skiing and ski touring always finds new muscles to ache and tire out.

Before and after a day of hard skiing, Recovery balm provides the soothing feeling of CBD for muscle pain.

If you like to ski long days in the backcountry, or moguls on the piste your legs will feel it especially if you ski in Chamonix. CBD Recovery balm is an all natural, vegan, anti-inflammatory balm.  It can be used before you start your day to ease any troublesome discomfort so you can focus on the day ahead.

CBD Chamonix, CBD Studios

CBD Studios products are produced from organic hemp, and products are triple tested by third-party labs. CBD recovery balm is free from THC and any chemicals. It complies to athletic doping regulations.

CBD Studios 100% natural recovery balm is formulated and made by us. The plant ingredients and healing components provide the pain relief that CBD is known for.

When your thighs or lower back are feeling the strain after a long day on the hill recovery balm is a must have natural pain relief.

It feels soft and luxuriously smooth when Massaged or rubbed into the target area.

When using CBD for muscle pain the healing properties will be activated instantly to reduce inflammation muscles and joints while you are settling down to après!

On another note, if the usual après ski drinks are not for you, you can enjoy a relaxing CBD tea. You will find the calming blend featuring other ingredients such as chamomile and mint not only delicious, but will help to relax the body and mind.

CBD tea and CBD oils, are both helpful to facilitate and enhance sleep.

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