CBD Studios balm

Attention if you have aches and pains

An all natural anti-inflammatory balm that works fast

✔ Continue with your active lifestyle

✔ Ease aching muscles after sport

✔ Sleep more comfortably

"I like to exercise and Recovery CBD balm helps ease arthritis pain when I ride my bike"

• Rated 4/5 by hundreds of our customers

• Made in France and lab tested

“It means i can actually sleep at night.” R.H

“High quality CBD, it helps me a lot to recover after exercice, worth it” J.C

“This is definitely a brand to rave about. The affects are outstanding” S. A


• Pain relief by targeting discomfort where needed

• Continue with the activities and sports you love

• Sleep better so wake up in a better mood


When CBD Studios recovery balm is applied to the skin you will notice a soothing feeling from its anti-inflammatory and relaxing properties.


CBD Studios hand crafted formula can be used anytime of day, it can be rubbed and worked into problem areas where relief is needed.

Recovery balm  users appreciate the purity of this formula and that it is easy to integrate into a routine.


This scientifically tested natural formula gives remarkable pain relief that is invaluable to many people’s lives.

As CBD is a completely natural plant compound we only use 6 other natural plant ingredients in the formula.

As nature is often the best fix, the massage balm is 100% natural, without any unnecessary additives.

It also means that the many healing properties of the CBD will be experienced fully without other interactions.

The balm also soothes and repairs areas of dry skin by the virtues of the coconut oil and Shea butter.

CBD in its purest form and without THC is suitable for athletes subject to drug testing.

“Fast delivery straight to my door in Chamonix!” Fabien J

“The balm is great after a long run, bye bye doms!” Sam M

“Great stuff, its all i use now for massage and general moisturising.” Ellie

“Your balm is the best i have tried and I have terrible tendonitis and it really does help. Thank you,” K. Selly

Recovery CBD balm

Take care of aching muscles and sore joints so you
can keep doing the activities and sports you love

★★★★★ Customer rated excellent

Why is CBD balm so efficient?

CBD recovery balm offers an ideal way to administer CBD when you want to relieve sore muscles and joints. It could give you fast relief from sports injury or help you to manage discomfort from arthritis or chronic pain by applying it directly to the area needed.

How do you use CBD recovery balm?

CBD balm is a nourishing and moisturizing skincare product. It feels soft and luxuriously smooth when rubbed or massaged into your skin.
It can be used throughout the day or when needed before or after physical activity. CBD Studios balms can be applied all over the body, to relieve sore muscles and aching joints. Simply apply it to the target area and massage well to activate the healing properties.

How does it work?

When a balm is rubbed or massaged into the skin it will diffuse the active components, notably CBD.
CBD receptors are found naturally all over the body. By applying a product containing CBD, these receptors will be activated to promote the soothing and anti-inflammatory effects of CBD.
When blended with other natural plant extracts, the healing components can work together to provide relief on a daily basis, before or after exercise or to manage chronic pain like arthritis.

100% natural

No pesticides/ additives

Lab analyses 


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  • CBD in its purest form and without THC is suitable for athletes subject to doping control.