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CBD Oil 10% | Full spectrum

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Feel your best with this nutrient rich CBD oil.

Contains 1000mg of full spectrum hemp extract, with all the important molecules produced by the plant.



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Full Spectrum 10% CBD oil …. start feeling your best

“The 10% CBD oil has been life changing, I can’t thank you enough.” S. Wakefield

10% CBD oil, CBD Studios

10% CBD oil is more concentrated oil, “a punchy formula”


➡︎ Full spectrum CBD extract is combined with MCT oil for effective absorption in the body subtle floral earthy taste

➡︎ CBD oil is genuine, legally approved, with a remarkable superior quality.

➡︎ Plants are grown and picked under specific conditions, naturally without pesticides or mineral fertilizers, then transferred and handled in the laboratory.

CBD oil 5%, CBD Studios, CBD Chamonix
★★★★★ "I'm not one to believe in quick fixes, but since using CBD oil from CBD Studios I've been feeling much more energized and in a better mood. Highly recommend!" - Sarah K.
★★★★★ "Since using CBD oil from CBD Studios, I finally get a good night's sleep. I wake up feeling refreshed and energized, and I'm in a much better mood."- Mary J.
★★★★★ "I'm so glad that I tried this oil - it works great and the taste is amazing! I received my order very quickly, so I'm very satisfied with my purchase. Highly recommend this product!" - Kim, CA

Our CBD oil is both natural and safe, and works with the different systems in your body.

We know that life can be challenging so CBD oil can provide the support you require to experience your optimal wellbeing.

Try it out for yourself and discover the many benefits of our CBD oil.

Full Spectrum 10% CBD oil Ingrédients:​

CBD extract, MCT oil
5mg CBD per drop
1000mg CBD per bottle

Rich in Cannabinoids:

Terpenes: The aroma, found in herbs, fruits and plants.

Flavonoids: Give plants colour and are anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory.

10% CBD oil, CBD Studios

Support your body and feel your best. 

↻  Maintain calm and focus, making it easier to navigate everyday stressors.

↻  Restore and boost your body’s natural systems to achieve a state of equilibrium and good health.

↻  Feel more comfortable and at ease, by aiding recovery from inflammation

↻  Help regulate sleep patterns, so you can get the restorative rest you need to feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

10% CBD oil, CBD Studios

How to use CBD oil

CBD oil is taken orally, with a pipette, placing the drops under the tongue.

Hold the oil in place under your tongue for 30-60 seconds before swallowing.

The dosage can then be adapted according to how you feel. It is best to start with a low dose (2 or 3 drops) once a day. You can then increase to reach the effect you are looking for.

If you feel it is not enough, you can supplement with another product.

Developed and approved by athletes and essential for everyone. CBD Studios Athletes & Professionals​​

CBD, which is not psychoactive, has been removed from the list of doping products.

The World Anti-Doping Agency officially removed it from the list of products banned in competition in January 2018. Is CBD Legal for Athletes?


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

I'm not one to believe in quick fixes, but since using CBD oil from CBD Studios I've been feeling much more energized and in a better mood. Highly recommend!


Good quality and is good after work


The CBD oil was amazing, especially for calming sleep


It has helped so much with getting a good night’s sleep-finally. Amazing product,


I use it when I struggle sleeping and found it amazing, lifesaver. :-)

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“Il y a quelque temps j’ai commencé a tester l’huile et balm CBD Studios pour ma récupération après mes entraînements.
Ca m’aide à me relaxe après une journée de travail et entraînement dur et surtout d’avoir un bon sommeil, je suis content avec les résultat et je recommande 100%.” Emmanuel Ocampo, Ultra runner