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CBD recovery balm PROFESSIONAL

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Professional massage balm

Give your clients a unique FEEL GOOD massage with CBD studios massage balm.

A massage therapy balm tailored specifically for massage therapists, reflexologists and other complementary therapists.

CBD balm is a blend of natural botanical extracts with CBD isolate. It has anti-inflammatory effects so naturally relieves discomfort where needed especially when used with a massage treatment.

A unique addition to massage

The rich benefits of CBD will work wonders to relieve areas of discomfort especially aching joints and tight muscles

Clients will look forward and need to come back for more.

CBD massage, cbd studios

Try Our Massage Therapy balm

Customize treatment

Treat area of tension with CBD and other natural ingredients (lavender and camphor)

Alleviate discomfort and relax your client even more.

Offer the use of CBD balm to clients with their regular treatment

« I started using the CBD balm over a year ago, now it’s the only thing I use during my sessions. The texture is great for working the fascia tissue glide.

Clients really like the product and generally buy it for personal use at the end of their session. »

Kristy Shelley, massage therapist

CBD Isolate

100% naturel


Lab tested

No pesticides/ additives

What is in this product?

We have created the balm with 100% natural ingredients. We have also made it with as few ingredients as possible to keep it simple and pure for even the most sensitive skin.

The CBD isolate is infused into coconut oil. We use creamy shae butter for it moisturising effects and vegan beeswax to give the balm the ideal grip, which gives the therapist improved control.

For extra relaxation and subtle smell, drops of lavender and camphor are added.


Made by us with natural plant-based ingredients and extracts with powerful health benefits.

Cannabidiol isolate extract

Coconut oil hydrates the skin and is rich in anti-oxidants such as Vitamin E and Vitamin A. Both are good at repairing and helping to maintain skin elasticity.

Shea butter gives the balm a lovely silky feel, which applied to the skin softens and moisturizes. It also has anti-oxidants, which help nourish ageing skin and fatty acids, which heal skin irritations.

Candelilla wax a vegan beeswax is nourishing and hydrating.

Apricot Oil added to the balm gives an added hit of moisture, calming or soothing irritated skin.

French Lavender essential oil

Camphor essential oil

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