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CBD Chamonix, CBD products for an active lifestyle.​

CBD Studios, was the first CBD retailer in Chamonix and the surrounding area, as well as in the Alps in France.

CBD Studios Chamonix products are now available in outlets in Chamonix and beyond.

CBD products Chamonix, CBD Studios

CBD products Chamonix

Developing CBD Studios products in Chamonix came after personal experience of deciding to take an alternative route to treating depression and to improve physical and mental wellbeing.

Using CBD to help manage as a single mother, juggle work, life and an exercise routine was a game changer.

It was then that CBD Studios was established to bring the benefits of the amazing natural hemp plant to the town of Chamonix.

Based in the challenging mountain environment of Chamonix, we now sell CBD to help people from all walks of life to feel their best both in mind and body.

CBD products Chamonix for an active lifestyle

At CBD Studios, we also know the importance of sport and activity to keep you on the track of good health.

So our products are to help you feel your best, by supporting your active lifestyle every step of the way.

Specifically, we created Recovery Balm, which is loved by our sports ambassadors and athletes in Chamonix, who can stay on top of their game by reducing muscle recovery time, helping relaxation, and improving sleep quality.

The balm is now helping many customers from all walks of life to relieve soreness, stay active and continue the sports they love.

By incorporating CBD products into a routine, our customers have found it easier to manage their busy lives, including work, family, and even an exercise routine, while feeling calmer and more comfortable.

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CBD products Chamonix developed by us

Since using CBD personally and introducing it to the family.

We have dedicated ourselves to providing effective, high quality CBD balm.

High quality CBD with 100% natural plant and fruit extracts

We combine high quality CBD extracts with natural herbal products and extracts. They all contribute to the well-being of the body inside and out.

High quality CBD/ Regulated / Organic

Tested We combine high quality extracted CBD with herbal products and natural extracts.

We source our hemp from regulated organic farms in the EU. All-natural hemp plants are rich in nutrients and free from herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, GMOs and other harmful contaminants.

The hemp is then processed into CBD oil, CBD tea and Recovery CBD balm.

Our CBD products are manufactured under strict quality control measures. All of our products are sent to an accredited third-party lab for full analysis and verification of lab test results.

The best quality lab tested CBD products for an active lifestyle

High quality CBD, the purest and highest quality for your health and wellness.

Try our tea for sleep made from organic expertly grown hemp

Organic CBD blended with herbs as an essential sleep aid.

Our Recovery CBD balm, are made by us from the highest quality lab tested CBD you can trust.

All product information and lab results are available for all of the CBD range

Clearly described and honestly labelled for your needs. We have found the raw materials and made or commissioned each product, so know where everything comes from and what it does.

Rich in active cannabinoids, terpènes, vitamins et minerals.

“Il y a quelque temps j’ai commencé a tester l’huile et balm CBD Studios pour ma récupération après mes entraînements.
Ca m’aide à me relaxe après une journée de travail et entraînement dur et surtout d’avoir un bon sommeil, je suis content avec les résultat et je recommande 100%.” Emmanuel Ocampo, Ultra runner

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