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CBD for sleep

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CBD for sleep?…..
The most frequent questions you ask us are “Will it help me sleep?” or “will it help me sleep all night.” There is nothing worse than waking in the night and then struggling to get back to sleep or desperately counting sheep while trying to drop off.
We have made a CBD sleep set for you, which has been formulated for those who find sleep a challenge.


What is the sleep kit?

Our SLEEP-KIT consists not only of full spectrum 5% CBD oil but also Hemp tisane that will help relax your mind and body. The tisane made from boutique high-end hemp. It contains full spectrum CBD from the trim of the whole CBD plant and is blended with camomile and mint that you can taste and feel.


How does the CBD tisane work?

This tisane works by easing you into a deeper better sleep so you are less likely to wake up at unwanted times during the night. As you ingest the CBD into your digestive system it has to be metabolized before entering the blood stream. This process can take a few hours so you body will feel the relaxing effects of the CBD later in the night. This is good news for insomniacs and helps explain why you can have a deeper and longer sleep.

CBD for sleep

How does the CBD oil work?

If getting to sleep in the first place can be a problem for you, perhaps because of things on your mind, like excitement, worry or stress. The use of the CBD drops under your tongue where the absorption is quicker into your blood stream, means the effects are felt faster. If the effects are quicker, then including the drops as part of your bedtime routine will likely help you to drift off to sleep smoothly.

In conclusion, CBD seems to help calm down an anxious state of mind by balancing some of the hormones that may be working on overdrive to keep you awake.

These CBD products have been designed as perfect partners to help you have good nights sleep.

So if you are looking for something to overcome an overactive mind, relax or help you sleep, try our wonderful and natural CBD products in the SLEEP-KIT.

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