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CBD for stress…the calming effects of CBD

CBD Studios founder, formerly a personal trainer I have always lead an active lifestyle. I am no stranger to the daily stresses that can impact our mental health and wellbeing. After trying CBD I found the results beyond beneficial by its calming effect, which made life easier when things got overwhelming.

I noticed the positive effects it was having physically too. Notably the backache from previous sports injuries was diminishing and knee pain was massively reduced when running. With this, CBD Studios Chamonix was created to offer products for body and mind. CBD Studios have created natural CBD wellbeing products to meet this need, complementing daily active life.

I have continued using CBD ever since, as I undeniably feel relief and notice its naturally therapeutic calming effects.

It has evidently been a difficult two years, with Covid 19 and being a solo parent with two children aged four and five.


CBD for calm since the Covid pandemic

Since the outbreak of Covid19 I have been witness to and been faced with many difficult and stressful situations.

Over the last year we have been confronted with confinement, home schooling, compromised family situations, change in work, health implications….the list goes on. With the stress that all this may incur, it is advantageous to at least try and maintain a sense of calm. Which by no means is easy and we often feel the need to explode!

Whilst it may be helpful to take some deep breaths or check we taking enough exercise when we are feeling anxious,  it is also becoming more and more favourable to also supplement with CBD oil.


Why is CBD effective for stress?

Our body has natural cannabinoids (CBD), which work to keep the body in balance by regulating the systems that control stress and anxiety, such as serotonin  (happy hormone), and cortisol  (stress hormone). When faced with the situations of last year these systems may have become exhausted. By using CBD as a supplement it provides a natural boost to keep these systems balanced helping you calm an anxious mind promoting a better sleep.

All our CBD products are made with organic CBD, products and extracts. They help with sleep, calm, skincare, and provide relief,

The website is easy to navigate and choose the right CBD products you need. We are open for click and collect, free delivery the same day in Chamonix and provide free postage in France.

CBD oil

An easy way to take CBD as a supplement is CBD oil drops, consuming a few drops of oil under your tongue. Drop your dose under the tougue morning or night or as you feel the need.
It is quickly absorbed into the blood stream via the capillaries under the tounge.

If you feel stress taking over and need to manage it better…CBD oil will do just that. This CBD oil formula allows you to maintain a balance of life, allowing you to better cope with the stresses of everyday life. These oils have no trace of THC, so are not harmful to your concentration or can alter your sensations. There is no taste, so a perfect solution for people sensitive to other earthy flavors of this type.


Due to the notable efficacy of CBD for sleep we have designed a range of calm and sleep teas with hemp and CBD. I have selected other herbs for blends that taste delicious, all with calming properties.




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“Il y a quelque temps j’ai commencé a tester l’huile et balm CBD Studios pour ma récupération après mes entraînements.
Ca m’aide à me relaxe après une journée de travail et entraînement dur et surtout d’avoir un bon sommeil, je suis content avec les résultat et je recommande 100%.” Emmanuel Ocampo, Ultra runner

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