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So this is what you get from a CBD massage.... By Alison Shayler

Why a massage with CBD?

I’ve used CBD treatments (balms, oils, tea, etc) previously and always enjoyed the results but this was to be the first time that I would experience the luxury of having someone else apply them while I just relaxed. I was about to have my first CBD massage, carried out by Kristy Shelley at her practice Fascia Flex in Chamonix.

Kristy started by asking if I had any particular aches or pains that I wanted to address. As a runner I’m always more than happy for someone to work on my legs, even without having any injuries there’s almost always a tight muscle or achy joint that could use a bit of love. I also suffer from the glamorous affliction of bunions, which can be extremely stiff and painful when they flare up. With this in mind, Kristy started at my feet and worked her way up my legs, tracking where the bunion pain might be related to any other issues with knees and hips.

What types of CBD massage products?

The product that she used was the Recovery Balm – one that I already use at home as an all-purpose lip balm, dry skin fixer, after-sun, topical ointment, and general cure-all – so I’m already a fan! Recovery Balm is made from CBD infused coconut butter, shea butter, vegan beeswax, and apricot oil with a gentle scent from camphor and lavender essential oils. All natural, plant-based ingredients that will protect and nourish your skin while the CBD gets to work on your senses.

The Recovery Balm was a pleasant change to the usual massage oils, it felt quite rich and thick when it first went on, then warmed to my skin very quickly and melted to a light smooth consistency. It glides well without feeling greasy and it made my usually dry skin feel wonderfully soft. Kristy advised that CBD is an excellent anti-inflammatory, so is ideal to use on bunions and other swellings. The herbal scent of the balm was soothing and felt very nurturing, both physically and mentally.

What did the massage feel like?

As this was more of a therapy massage than a relaxation massage there were moments when Kristy’s touch was less than gentle! She got deep into my muscles and manipulated my limbs to release tension and stress. Rather than flinching and gasping as I normally would though, the calming effect of the CBD allowed me to breathe slowly and relax into it, allowing her to go deeper than I would normally be able to tolerate.

As a reward for being slightly less of a wimp than usual, Kristy finished off with a lovely neck-and-shoulder massage which better demonstrated the relaxing properties of the CBD massage balm. I can only imagine that a full body massage would be a pretty heavenly experience.

CBD massage, CBD Studios

How will I feel after the massage?

I went straight home after my treatment and had a quiet evening, not wanting to disrupt the lovely zen feeling that the balm had given me. Eager to prolong the experience, I made myself a nice pot of CBD tea with mint and camomile before going to bed. As someone who also struggles with insomnia, I am particularly appreciative of a good night’s sleep and I awoke the next morning feeling bright and refreshed. I was half expecting my feet to feel a bit tender after having been so thoroughly manipulated the day before but they felt great, not only that but my leg muscles felt supple and ready to run! I would certainly use CBD Recovery Balm again, in fact I took a tin home with me, and combining it with a massage is a wonderful way to enjoy its benefits.

CBD Studios Recovery Balm is used by massage therapists in treatment rooms in France.

Contact CBD Studios if you are interested in using Professional Massage Balm or stocking the retail products.

Kristy Shelley is available for treatments at Fascia Flex in Chamonix

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