Cannatonic Flower 4 gr

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4gr Fleurs de CBD

19% CBD

A CBD rich strain which has been used since 2008, won many awards for its countless merits. It has a very special smell, which you will love. A Spanish strain with a lemony relaxing aroma.
It has been grown outdoors, is organic and free of any chemical fertilisers.

“My husband loves it but I use it in your recipe for CBD chocolate.” Mariana

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Also known as the CBD Queen, Cannatonic was one of the first CBD strains (circa 2008) with a high CBD percentage.  It is a half indica, and half sativa hybrid plant, which means that it is a melody of calm together with a happy lift.

It is frequently selected for medical use due to these dynamic characteristics. This flower has 19% CBD and has become more popular as evidence is gathering of the benefits of the cannabinoid.  Certainly, we would not make any claims as to the effectiveness of using CBD but but there are many testimonies with reference to its help and its relieving properties.

There is a huge smattering of CBD in this flower and wonderful aromas coming from the plentiful Terpenes. These are activated best together as we know from the entourage effect. The THC is in the higher bracket of CBD strains but naturally still under 0.2%. This means all the valuable compounds of CBD in the flower will work at their best and to maximum effect. It will not make you high or have psycho active effects, all our products are under 0.2% THC and meet EU regulations.

Cannatonic CBD flowers are abundant in Terpenes which are responsible for its distinct aroma.

It has an earthy smell with lemony citrus notes.

Very popular with users, as it is not over powering and remains smooth.

Typically is it a piney citrus flavour that gives a sweet tingle.

A medium sized greeny yellow flower with popcorny buds. The CBD flowers have a dense cola and are coated with tricomes.

  • Eco-friendly
  • Natural with no pesticides, no artificial fertilisers
  • 0.19% CBD
  • <0.2% THC (not available through readily applicable means)*
  • Greenhouse cultivated
  • EU legal industrial hemp
  • Sold for novelty/education/souvenir purposes

Organic Ingredients


Lab Analysis 

No pesticides/ additives

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4 reviews for Cannatonic Flower 4 gr

  1. Cyrile

    Really good pesticide free CBD weed.

  2. Emma Hodges

    I think this stuff really works, and was exactly what i was looking for tbh. I’ll use it now instead, when i get the urge to smoke cigarettes.

  3. Florent

    Great customer service. Call CBD Studios and they will always help!

  4. G Richards

    I really like the weed. It is without the high of cannabis, but it is nice and relaxing. Thank you and its nutrient and additive free!

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