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Frequently asked questions

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Is CBD legal in France?
Yes, it is available and legal from a CBD shop or from an online CBD shop.
CBD Studios products are legal for sale in the UK and France due to having undetectable (<0.2%) levels THC

How do I take CBD oil?
CBD is available in 10ml bottles, which have a dropper as part the lid. You put the dropper under your tongue and squeeze out the drops.

Where do CBD Studios deliver?
We will post worldwide unless there are stipulations against it.

Do you offer next day delivery?
Yes to France.
Worldwide, please allow 3-7 working days.

How much CBD oil do I take?
We recommend taking 2 drops to start with. It does depend on individual circumstances but this will give you an idea of how it will make you feel. If after a few days or weeks you can increase the dose if you feel it is not enough.

Will I feel drowsy?
CBD should not make you feel drowsy. In fact it should make you feel energised. However as everyone reacts in different ways, try it first when you know you do not have to drive or operate machinery and see how your body responds.

Can I put CBD oil in my coffee or hot drink?
We would always say yes, but let the drink cool a little before adding it.

What is THC?
THC is found in marijuana and it is the substance that gives the mind altering high. Hemp is the plant that CBD oil is extracted from. It contains none or trace amounts of THC so will not have any psychoactive effects.

Can CBD make you paranoid or high?
No, THC is the compound that can cause this feeling. There is none or under 0.2% THC in Hemp strains that are used to make CBD oil.

How long does CBD take to work?
It totally depends on the user, the reason for taking it and the way it is administered. We find that for anxiety and sleep it works upon starting to use the oil. For muscle and injury relief it may take longer for the cannabinoids to build up in the system.

How do I order?
We have a good website with a shop to take orders. Feel free to call or message for any advice or to order if that is easier.

What is the maximum CBD dose I can take?
The Cannabis Trades Association and the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency state that 200mg is the maximum dose of CBD that is recommended for consumption in a day.

Is the bottle recyclable?
The glass bottle and pipette is. The plastic is not.

Where should I store my CBD?
There is no need to put it in the fridge. But out of direct sunlight is advised.

Do I take it with food?
It is entirely up to you. However CBD oil is an oil so fat soluble. There have been studies to say it may be absorbed quicker with food.

Will CBD help arthritis and other aches?
CBD has well known and emerging reports and studies to verify its anti-inflammatory properties.

Will I fail a drugs test by using CBD?
THC is the substance that will be tested for and it is only found in trace amounts in CBD oil. However if used for long periods of time there is a chance it may be stored over time in fat cells. It is highly highly unlikely and it would be more likely from contamination from a low quality oil or second hand smoke.
If you are in a role with potential testing, we would recommend sensible consideration if you are taking very large amounts of CBD.
If you are taking a normal dose 2/6 drop each day, the risk of it showing up in a driving swap is very unlikely.
Cyclists who are prone to testing, the oil can be taken for short periods of time with regular breaks. This means that the levels are unable to build up sufficiently, but there is no guarantee.

Will CBD react with other medication?
All CBD Studios products are sold as food supplements only. We are unable to offer medical advice and suggest that you speak to a medical professional for further advice.

Can I overdose on CBD?
There have been no reports of overdose. It has no interactions with the respiratory pathways We recommend starting with a low dose until you find the dosage that your body is comfortable at.

CBD Studios products are not designed or sold as medicines. CBD Studios do not claim to diagnose, cure or treat conditions/ diseases.

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