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CBD research and benefits

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CBD research and benefits by Emma Hodges


My Dad and I were discussing CBD Studios and I explained how it is extracted from industrial hemp, the same as the hemp used for textiles and rope. 

“Well, why don’t you could just chew on some old rope then?” he said. 

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This comment has often made me smile, because obviously hemp has to go through a proper extraction process to be processed into CBD products such as oil or balm. And it is a typical Dad comment…

Another typical comment was from a tennis friend who said, “well, even if it is a fad or a placebo, it is working on my knees so that’s all that matters.”

There is no denying that CBD has become very popular, with some advocates even proclaiming it as a wonder-drug or miracle cure. It does indeed appear to have remarkable inflammatory relief properties, as well as helping with anxiety, addiction, acne… the list goes on. The trouble is that very little actual scientific research has been done, which means that there is very little that can be recognised or supported.

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So, the facts… everyone has a network of receptors in their body called an endocannabinoid system. Two types of receptors – CB1 and CB2 – are found in the brain and other tissues throughout the body. They receive cannabinoids, which are released in response to environmental factors such as hunger, stress or inflammation. CB2 receptor acts as a protective system when the body needs relief or is distressed. For example, if your toddler is having a tantrum and you are trying to leave the house in a hurry, your body will respond by releasing cannabinoids to send a message to manage your stress. This is called homeostasis, which is a balance of physiological processes to keep us healthy. 

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The information above is scientifically proven. However, CBD research, particularly on humans, has a long way to go. It seems that plant-derived cannabinoids, specifically CBD, can act positively upon the endocannabinoid system. Tests have been done extensively on mice and rats and findings show that when CBD is given to rats it can improve the symptoms of stress. However, the main issue is that not enough research has yet been done on humans in order to make actual scientific claims, yet certain reports and findings seem to be working on the certain body conditions. 

CBD Studios do not offer or claim to have any medical cures or treat any illness.

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