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CBD oil absorption with food

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Having worked as a Personal trainer with an interest in nutrition I have been looking into research regarding CBD and food. Several different medical associations have carried out studies to see how CBD is absorbed in the body when ingested with food.

It was a small study but with very clear results.  Half the volunteers took the CBD on an empty stomach and had breakfast 4 hours later. The other half of the volunteers had breakfast first and took their CBD 20 minutes after. After 2 weeks the subjects swapped the method.

Blood was taken form the volunteers though out the duration and the results show a huge difference between CBD taken with food and CBD taken without. The CBD taken with breakfast showed the increase to be 14 x higher than if taken without food. The absorption of CBD showed to quadruple when ingested with the morning meal.

Noted also was the type of food can make a large difference in the amount of CBD that gets absorbed into the body. The test was carried out with a fat in the breakfast, this could be yogurt milk, bread, cereal etc.

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