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Hemp, camomile & mint tea

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CBD hemp tea is a delicious blend of hemp, camomile, mint and CBD to feel calm or as an evening relaxant promoting a good nights sleep.

We have combined calming hemp leaf tea with peppermint, which is an excellent digestif for after dinner. It also works in harmony with the camomile which is soothing and anti-inflammatory.
The effects of these herbs can only be relaxing, calming and a perfect evening tea to get you ready for a good nights sleep.

If you suffer with aches or muscular discomfort, hemp and CBD trim can be a helpful relief. Including hemp tea in your routine may help reduce these aches and start providing relief.


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Open the CBD hemp tea and enjoy the herbal aroma while putting about a tablespoon of the tea mixture into your cup or stainer.

Boil your water, wait a minute so it cools slightly so will not burn the tea mix. Then pour into your cup. Leave to brew for 3 minutes. Add honey or sugar if desired. Leave the tea in the cup and drink or strain (you can eat the herbs/ leaves).

Pour more water over what is left in the cup for another delicious brew.

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