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CBD Chamonix

CBD Studios develop CBD products for an active lifestyle.

To feel good and get the best out of life. Better sleep, more energy and calm body and mind.

It was the first CBD Company to be established in the Chamonix region of the French Alps. Our products can be found in other shops and in our online boutique.

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CBD Chamonix for physical well-being

Developing CBD Studios products in Chamonix came after personal experience of using CBD to improve physical and mental well-being on a daily basis.

After using CBD, I saw how it effectively helped with calm and in parallel noticed the relieving properties for aches and pains especially after exercise.

I began learning about the hemp plant, its applications and how it could help others especially in the extreme environment of Chamonix.

CBD Chamonix for mental well-being

Incorporating CBD into my wellness routine has helped the juggle of work, the busy life as a mum of 2, and exercise all the more manageable.

Calm and sobriety have both been life-changing outcomes.

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High quality CBD/ Regulated / Organic

Tested We combine high quality extracted CBD with herbal products and natural extracts.

We source our hemp from regulated organic farms in the EU. All-natural hemp plants are rich in nutrients and free from herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, GMOs and other harmful contaminants.

The hemp is then processed into CBD oil, CBD tea and Recovery CBD balm.

Our CBD products are manufactured under strict quality control measures. All of our products are sent to an accredited third-party lab for full analysis and verification of lab test results.

CBD for muscle relief and after exercise
CBD has become a widely accepted supplement because of its anti-inflammatory properties. CBD is indeed a supplement from hemp plant but it is also produced naturally in our body as part of the Endocannabinoid system….read more

What is CBD?
Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural compound found in and derived from the hemp plant.
It is one of 104 cannabinoids (chemical compounds) that are also found in hemp.
CBD is extracted from industrial hemp plants and added to a carrier oil to be ingested orally, or used externally on the body….read more

“It is a lovely way to unwind and tastes really good”

M. Tinroch

Looks and smells amazing, can’t wait to try.

Margaret C

Its perfect to chill me out before bed


I use it when I struggle sleeping and found it amazing, lifesaver. 🙂


The best quality lab tested CBD products for an active lifestyle

  • High quality CBD, the purest and highest quality for your health and wellness.

Try our tea for sleep made from organic expertly grown hemp

  • Organic CBD blended with herbs as an essential sleep aid.

Our Recovery CBD balm, are made by us from the highest quality lab tested CBD you can trust.

  • All product information and lab results are available for all of the CBD range

Clearly described and honestly labelled for your needs. We have found the raw materials and made or commissioned each product, so know where everything comes from and what it does.

  • Rich in active cannabinoids, terpènes, vitamins et minerals

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